About Us

A feeling of bliss and the sense of oneness with the universe that comes from the simplest of pleasures, the pursuit of small, daily pleasures that all add up to a great sense of happiness and fulfillment.
Hi, I’m Ash, the creator of Merak Essentials. I created this business to share with you the products that I’ve been using to practice a little self-care in the mornings. We all have busy schedules and are time poor but I find by implementing just a little self-care routine in the morning (even if I don’t get a workout in) I feel like I’ve started my morning right and my body feels better for it.
My journey to self-care (even if I didn’t know it at the time) was after going through depression in high school, I really didn’t enjoy being at school and it wasn’t something I excelled at. I really dreaded having to go every day, the only part I enjoyed was actually seeing my friends. As a relief, I would sit down and draw in an art book to express my thoughts and what I was going through, and this was my outlet.
In 2009 Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and this is where as a family we started to make changes to our lifestyle. We cut out grains, dairy, and sugars from our diet, we started learning about Kinesiology and introducing more exercise and meditation into our routine as well as eliminating toxins that we use daily such as makeup, shower products, etc.
If there was a positive side to the above it was that it bought us closer together as a family and we all took on the journey together. This is now something that I am totally aware of, stress plays a huge factor in our family history and it has been important for me to find a way to manage that and practice self-care.
My health is my #1 priority if I am not fit and healthy and at my best then everything can start to fall around me, my work, my relationships, and my eating habits.
My go-to self-care is to complete a workout even if it is just 10-15 mins or a walk outside in the sunshine, when the weather permits the beach is my ideal spot to sit, take my shoes off and walk in the salt water (there is just something about been by the ocean that totally changes my state of mind). Meditation has also been part of my self-care although I might not complete this daily it has been a go-to when I need to take some time out or I’m feeling exhausted and ready to bite off someone's head.
The products that I am going to be sharing here with you at Merak Essentials are products that I have previously used in my morning routines, and I want to bring them to help bring just a little bit of morning bliss to the start of your day.
Lots of love
Ash x